About Racinne

Inspired by Canadian scientists Ernest McCulloch on stem cell technology, RACINNE International Beauty Corporation began its quest to develop a range of effective beauty products surrounding this philosophy. After seven years of research and development and partnering with the world's leading biotechnology laboratories, RACINNE utilizes revolutionary "Callus Cultivation Technology" and "SH-DP-9" in its beauty products. In response to global demand for beauty, in 2012, RACINNE International Beauty Corporation launches three new skin care series. RACINNE makes its debut by introducing ULTIMATE AQUA BLANC Series, ULTIMATE HYDRA PERFECTION Series and ULTIMATE YOUTH POWER Series. By using effective callus extracts from the rarest and purest plants as its key active ingredients, RACINNE promises to deliver highly functional beauty products you deserve. With our promise to exceptional beauty, we are also proud to integrate the powerful anti-age agent, SH-DP-9 into the prestigious ULTIMATE YOUTH POWER Series.

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