Aqua Blanc Series

Whitening Skin Care
Ultimate Aqua Blanc Series


Using advanced techniques, RACINNE has mastered a process to harness lotus callus extract, which is the key active ingredient in our AQUA BLANC SERIES. Combines with seven other recognized whitening ingredients, including the clinically approved whitening agent vitamin B3 (niacinamide), RACINNE proudly presents a safe and effective whitening formula that penetrates deep into the skin to correct enlarged pores, balance oil distribution and reducing the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation to reveal your own brightened, flawless skin. Natural healing ingredients derived from medicinal and antioxidant plants heal and repair skin damage and strengthen the skin's own barrier to prevent further signs of aging such as fine lines or a dull complexion.
Provides Hydration

Moisturing ingredients like pagoda tree flower extract and vitamin E help to keep your skin hydrated

Brightens Your Complexion

Contains the FDA approved whitening agent Niacinimide and lotus callus extract to safely brighten skin

Repairs Damaged Skin

Pearl extract and aloe vera help to soothe skin and repair cells leaving your skin rejuvenated

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