Delicare Perfection Series

Delicare Perfection Series

Gentle yet effective skin care for sensitive skin

The latest addition to our premium skin care line up, the specially formulates DELICARE PERFECTION Series uses only 10 ingredients that have been carefully selected to deliver maximum results without fear of irritation on even the most sensitive skin. The products in this line are free of dyes, fragrances, parabens and other known irritants and allergens. This doesn't mean that these skin care products are less effective! Although the demand for hypoallergenic skin care products has been high, RACINNE has taken special care to ensure that this series is as effective as our other series. We have gotten a lot of media attention for our clinically proven results and high concentration of active ingredients compared to other brands (many that are much more expensive) and we are proud to say that this series is no different. Using science and advanced technology, we formulated a proprietary anti-allergenic moisturizing hexapeptide, “Delisens”, that reduces inflammation, relieves irritation, and hydrates dry flaky skin.
Locks in Moisture

Vitamin E and other ingredients reduce water loss

Deep Hydration

Contains Nato bean acid, a potent natural hydrating ingredient

Soothes and Heals Skin

Peach and lotus flower extracts increase blood flow and promote healing

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