The Lady-S is a revolutionary skin care device that offers 5 spa inspired treatments to stimulate your cells to improve your complexion and treat skin damage. Bring the spa experience with you wherever you go with this compact, easy to use multi-functional device that will help give your skin that glowing spa look with the touch of a button.

Heat Therapy

Maintaining healthy collagen levels reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles is essential to beautiful looking healthy skin. The optimal temperature to promote collagen synthesis is done at 42℃ and this device is designed to deliver this precise temperature to the skin surface, stimulating your body’s collagen production.


Iontophorosis uses electrical movement to effectively deliver beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and peptides deep into the skin. This gentle electric based delivery system facilitates product absorption and helps nutrients penetrate more effectively. After beauty product are applied to the skin, the ionic molecules can be activated via electrical charge which propels ingredients deeper into the skin providing faster and more effective results.

Micro Current Therapy

This well researched skin therapy promotes tissue healing within the skin by mild electrical currents at a cellular level. Working in harmony with the body’s natural wound healing process, an electrical stimuli increases blood circulation and production of elastin and collagen, which are essentials for healthy, youthful skin. Micro current therapy is also recognized for its skin tightening ability which improves skin texture and its elasticity.

Micro Vibration Therapy

This common spa treatment massages the deep layers of the skin with rapid movements and vibrations which improves microcirculation and boosting skin metabolism. Micro vibrations can also promote lymphatic drainage and the natural regeneration of skin cells resulting for younger looking healthier skin.

Red Light Therapy

This beauty treatment is gaining popularity and has anti-aging benefits by reducing the appearance wrinkles and fine lines. In skin care, the optimal wavelength to increase elastin and collagen production as well as blood circulation is between 615nm and 640nm. This allows the blood vessels to relax thus, increasing blood circulation and cell rejuvenation which helps with reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for beautiful younger looking skin. Also known as LED Light Therapy, it is also commonly used to treat the appearance of stretch marks.