Advanced Technology Behind Our Forumulas


SH-DP-9 is a synthetic neuropeptide exclusively developed for Racinne and represents the next step in advanced biotechnology. As a breakthrough in skincare science, SH-DP-9 is a powerful anti-aging synthetic neuropeptide based on the fine selection of 60-plus peptides, a formula that effectively helps activate collagen and elastin production to correct fine lines and large pores. The SH-DP-9 formula also promotes cell density to resist against environmental free-radicals, facilitates nutrient absorption and stimulates blood circulation for youthful suppleness with a confident brilliant glow. Utilizing “Advanced SH-DP-9 Synthesis” to integrate SH-DP-9 into its Ultimate Youth Power Series, Racinne is one of the few luxury brands in the beauty industry to use a synthetic neuropeptide in its products and is an example of Racinne’s conviction to deliver innovative and exceptional beauty products to enhance people’s natural beauty.


Racinne utilizes revolutionary “Callus Cultivation Technology,” a powerful formula exclusively developed by Racinne based on rare plant callus cells. By utilizing these highly active agents for strong antioxidant activity, Racinne’s products promote the skin’s elasticity, effectively strengthening the ability of skin cells to retain moisture while preventing signs of aging. Using rare plant callus extracts along with other effective active ingredients enables Racinne’s products penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin to promote regeneration, improving dull, dehydrated and aged skin.


Peptides are little chains of amino acids that are not quite long enough to be deemed a protein. Peptides are important in various ways and can be used as hormones, neurotransmitters, and natural pain relievers. The skin contains natural peptides, which contribute to the structural strength of the skin and keep it plump and firm. There are different types of peptides with different functions in cellular signaling to instruct our cells which specific pathways should be activated and which specific goals should be accomplished. For this reason, peptides are particularly effective as skin care ingredients which will help reduce wrinkles and improve skin quality. Racinne has leveraged advanced Korean biotechnology to increase the benefits of peptides in skincare and maximize their results without disturbing the skin’s natural balance.The results speak for themselves.

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